Can you help me get there?

We’re not running any sort of official shuttles or anything like that, but anything we can do to help get you into town, we will.

Where’s Crystal Lake, IL?

Crystal Lake is a far northwest suburb of Chicago. Details on the our location are on the Where page.

Who do you want?

Everyone interested in Perl and Perl-related projects. We need people from all skill levels, all backgrounds, all level of experience in open source.Don’t worry about how “good a programmer” you are. The Perl community has room for everyone, from experts to beginners, regardless of whether you’ve worked on open source projects before, or even if you’re just getting your feet wet with Perl.

Will there be adequate programming supplies?

We expect you’ll bring your brain and a laptop. We’ll have available:

  • Wireless Internet access
  • Snacks provided by The Perl Foundation
  • Dinner brought in each night (probably pizza or Chinese food)
  • A 24-hour gas station/mini-mart and a 24-hour restaurant across the street
  • Plenty of other restaurants around

Saving money in online business by choosing right cards

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What’s a hackathon?

A gathering of Perl programmers in a hotel for a weekend, with a bit of organization, a lot of laptops, and lots of pizza and caffeine. Hackathons are informal gatherings designed to allow people to work together for a few days at a time. Hackathons are also regional events, such that most people there will be from within a few hours’ drive of the location - however, everyone is welcome, no matter the distance!

Cell Phone programming review

Mobile application development has reached greater heights with the development of new applications on a daily basis.

Windows Phone OS was geared toward the enterprise user. After reviewing of the HTC Dash, HTC Wing, Touch Pro 2, HD 2 and several of each due to software issues and warranty replacement. The system was extremely powerful but incredibly buggy.

The success of newer BlackBerry models like the Pearl, Curve, Bold and Storm have allowed RIM to penetrate the smartphone market and go head-to-head with the Apple iPhone 4 & 5 as an application platform. BlackBerry development for all recent models is done exclusively in Java. So if you're not a strong Java programmer, now's the time to brush up on your Java programming skills.



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