Cage Cleaners

The Parrot Cage Cleaners help watch the corners of the Parrot Project and keep the technical debt low.

Initial high-level goals

  • Enforcing coding standards, naming conventions, etc.
  • Smoke testing on many platforms
  • Decreasing the amount of repeated code
  • Automated generation of C headers
  • Improve low-level code quality.
  • Creating automated code checking tools.
  • Documenting function behavior and structure members
  • Developing coverage tools where they don’t exist

There is also a a TODO file in the repository.

Getting the source

Cage Cleaners work out of the Subversion repository, and provide patches against the latest tree to a committer.To check out a local copy, use:

svn co parrot

See the Parrot source page for details, or information on using SVK.The SSL certificate is from the Develooper Certificate Authority.

Contact us

Andy Lester is the chief Parrot Cage Cleaner. Contact him at andy at You can also find him, as well as many other Parrot workers in the #parrot channel at