The science and art of Comics Collecting

They say collection of stamps is an art. It is called 'philately'. They say collecting various types of coins is an art. It is called 'numismatics'. But is Comics Collecting an art? If it is, what is it called? And if it isn't, why is it not? Because individuals still believe that Comics are for the children and Comics Collecting is simply suited to young, juvenile, immature teenagers. People are wrong. If collection of anything is an art, so is Comics Collecting and it is about time people realize it and give Comics Collecting the due respect that it deserves.

Art has no bifurcation. There is no better art and no worse off art. Just because a lot of people pursue an form of art and are boisterous enough to proclaim it loudly, that form of art in no way becomes above the other and never ever does it stand on a slightly higher pedestal. There is only true art and if an artist stands devoted to the art he has chosen, be it stamp collection or Comics Collection, he will do complete justice to that art. Comics Collection is no simple matter. It takes the same amount of skill, passion, precious time and talent to be good at Comics Collection as it does to be proficient at any other activity, or art form or collecting things.

Comics are not just for the kids as greater comics are proving time and again. They are as good as Booker Prize-winning books but like there are bad counterparts of everything in the world, so are there good comics and bad comics. For instance, Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson's masterpiece appeared in thousands of newspapers across the world for a lot of years. A lot of Comic Strip connoisseurs believed that it was one of the greatest comic series to appear in papers in a long time and so a lot of them got to Calvin and Hobbes Comics Collecting.

This proves that, again, there are no better and much worse things to be doing in one's life, spending precious hours. There are only bad and good means of doing things which you believe in.