Who do you want?

Everyone interested in Perl and Perl-related projects. We need people from all skill levels, all backgrounds, all level of experience in open source.Don’t worry about how “good a programmer” you are. The Perl community has room for everyone, from experts to beginners, regardless of whether you’ve worked on open source projects before, or even if you’re just getting your feet wet with Perl.

Do I need to be there the whole time?

No, not at all. Come and go as you want, as you’re able to. Some will be there the whole weekend, and some may hang out for a few hours on one day. It’s whatever best fits your style.

When is it?

We’ll be working from Friday morning, November 10th, until late into the night Sunday, November 12th. We expect to have at least some people working ’round the clock.It may also be a long weekend for you, since November 10th is Veterans’ Day.

Sunday morning, our main meeting room is unavailable, but people can still work elsewhere in the hotel. Besides, we figure there might be some sleeping going on, too.