Will there be adequate programming supplies?

We expect you’ll bring your brain and a laptop. We’ll have available:

  • Wireless Internet access
  • Snacks provided by The Perl Foundation
  • Dinner brought in each night (probably pizza or Chinese food)
  • A 24-hour gas station/mini-mart and a 24-hour restaurant across the street
  • Plenty of other restaurants around

How does it work?

A hackathon is a free-form get-together of all kinds of people at a hotel. We’ll work in a large meeting room with many tables and chairs as our main work area, but with wireless Internet access, there’s no need to stay in one place. You may even want to work on your project next to the hotel’s swimming pool.People come and go as they need to, working on whatever projects they fit best with. There are no rules about what projects you work on. The serendipity of coming together and finding something new is part of the fun.