Leader: Andy Lester
Curious: Michael R. Wolf

ack is a Perl-based replacement for grep aimed at large codebases. It’s getting popular outside of the Perl world. See the project page for more information.

Stuff to work on

Allow ack to be installed as a single executable by inlining File::Next at build time.
Improve the docs
Create a homepage for it
Add extensible extensions
Show context in the results
Clean up whatever tickets are in the RT queue

Filterless subroutine prototypes

I believe I have figured out how to do subroutine prototypes without a source filter. It involves a small amount of not-too-deep XS magic liberally stolen from one of Simon Cozens’ unfinished modules and Scalar::Util::set_prototype(). The pieces are there, I need someone with some XS sk1llz to help put them together.