Leader: Jonathan Rockway
Interested: You!

KillTrac is a perl (and Catalyst) replacement for Trac. It’s designed to be a minimal piece of glue that makes interfacing problem tracking, revision control, and a wiki easy. We plan on “standardizing” on RT for the problem tracking, MojoMojo for the Wiki, and some clever hacking for the SVN view.

This will give us the best of all worlds — developers can use RT’s interface, but end users can look at problem tickets in the wiki or in a simple (trac-like) problem ticket viewer.

Right now KillTrac is in the planning stages (come disuss it with us on #killtrac on, but here’s what needs to be written (and probably will be before Christmas):

  • Catalyst::Model::RT::REST to talk to RT remotely (including CPAN’s RT)
  • Minimal Catalyst “view” on top of RT::REST
  • SVN browsers (diffs / changesets / past revisions, etc.)
  • “Roadmap” and “Timeline” views of the Wiki, RT, and SVN commits
  • svn commit hook editor
    • so we can import POD to the wiki on svn commit
    • and autoamtically make test, and have a web page detailing the failures

Come help us!