Leader: Chris Dolan (Attending Saturday only)
Interested: Andy Lester
Interested: Elliot Shank
Interested: Michael R. Wolf

Perl::Critic is an extensible framework for creating and applying coding standards to Perl source code. Essentially, it is a static source code analysis engine, like lint for C. New policies are getting added to Perl::Critic all the time, and you can help your fellow Perl programmers write cleaner, safer code.

Getting Started

Before the hackathon, you should download the latest Perl::Critic from our SVN repository, and install all of its prerequisites:

% cpan install Perl::Critic
% svn checkout perlcritic

Username: “guest”
Password: “” (blank)

How to help

You don’t have to actually know Perl::Critic or PPI’s internals to help out. Most of the work is writing test cases and thinking through the logic of matching Perl code.

You can (in order from easiest to hardest):

  • Choose good policies to implement
  • Write some positive and negative tests
  • Come up the corner cases.
  • Write pseudo-code and docs
  • Write the PPI implementation of pseudo-code
  • Hack PPI