Hacker Windows

Things for hacker widows to do while in Crystal Lake:

- Walking Distance

1. Go to Mario Tricoci day spa

2.Watch a movie at Regal Cinemas

3.Work out at the YMCA

- Short Driving Distance


Leader: Andy Lester
Curious: Michael R. Wolf

ack is a Perl-based replacement for grep aimed at large codebases. It’s getting popular outside of the Perl world. See the project page for more information.


Leader: Jonathan Rockway
Interested: You!

KillTrac is a perl (and Catalyst) replacement for Trac. It’s designed to be a minimal piece of glue that makes interfacing problem tracking, revision control, and a wiki easy. We plan on “standardizing” on RT for the problem tracking, MojoMojo for the Wiki, and some clever hacking for the SVN view.


Leader: Chris Dolan (Attending Saturday only)
Interested: Andy Lester
Interested: Elliot Shank
Interested: Michael R. Wolf

Perl::Critic is an extensible framework for creating and applying coding standards to Perl source code. Essentially, it is a static source code analysis engine, like lint for C. New policies are getting added to Perl::Critic all the time, and you can help your fellow Perl programmers write cleaner, safer code.


Perl::Critic can be a resource pig. Profile it and help find the hot spots.

% perl Build.PL
% ./Build
% perl -Mbib -d:DProf t/40_criticize.t
% dprofpp

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