Parrot release

The upcoming Parrot release includes three months of work, so the list of release news is hard to gather.

Please edit with corrections and additions.

  • New language: PHP (”Plumhead”)
  • Updated languages: Ruby (”Cardinal”), Tcl, Lua
  • Compilers:
    • PGE updated with more expressions, latest changes to S05
    • new Perl6 grammar compiler

Cage Cleaners

The Parrot Cage Cleaners help watch the corners of the Parrot Project and keep the technical debt low.

Initial high-level goals

  • Enforcing coding standards, naming conventions, etc.
  • Smoke testing on many platforms
  • Decreasing the amount of repeated code
  • Automated generation of C headers

Projects we know about now

The exact projects that we’ll be working on depend on who shows up, but here are some likely candidates. If you’d like your project listed here, email a short paragraph about it to

Perl 6 & Parrot

Perl 6 is the next release of Perl 5, and is quite an undertaking. Parrot is the virtual machine that underlies Perl 6, and will allow other languages to run on top of it.Chip Salzenberg, the pumpking for Parrot, will be at the hackathon to organize this effort. We’ve got a laundry list of tasks, include...

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